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Staff & Services

Steven S. Stricker
Village Administrator
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2000
Email: sstricker@burr-ridge.gov

Barbara Popp
Executive Secretary
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2020
Email: bpopp@burr-ridge.gov
Karen Thomas
Principal Office Clerk/Village Clerk
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2030
Email: kthomas@burr-ridge.gov

Kellie Feehan
Part-time Receptionist
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2040
Email: kfeehan@burr-ridge.gov

Victoria Marek
Part-time Receptionist
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2070
Email: vmarek@burr-ridge.gov
Janet Kowal
Communications and Public Relations Coordinator
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2120
Email: jkowal@burr-ridge.gov

The Village Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village and reports to the Mayor and Board of Trustees on the management and operation of all affairs and departments of the Village.

The Communications and Public Relations Coordinator prepares the Burr Ridge Briefs and Burr Ridge Business Briefs newsletters, oversees the content and organization of the Village web site, maintains the local cable access Bulletin Board (Channel 6 & Channel 99) as well as other communications to the general public; acts as staff liaison to the Downtown Burr Ridge Events Planning Committee.

The Executive Secretary serves as secretary to the Village President, Village Administrator and other administrative staff; acts as the Village health and liability insurance claims coordinator; acts as the staff liaison to the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

The Principal Office Clerk maintains the Village's records, responds to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act, processes special assessments, liquor license applications, and water and sewer recaptures.

The Receptionist greets visitors at the front counter, answers the telephone, processes service requests and the daily mail.

TO:                Mayor, Trustees, Village Attorneys and Village Clerk

FROM:          Village Administrator Steve Stricker and Staff

DATE:           July 18, 2014

SUBJECT:    Administration Weekly Memo 

Concert on the Green – Friday, July 18, 7:30 p.m.

This week’s Concert on the Green is on Friday, July 18, beginning at 7:30 p.m. The scheduled entertainment is “R Gang,” a Motown/R&B Variety band. For more information, please contact Communications and Public Relations Coordinator Janet Kowal at jkowal@burr-ridge.gov or at (630) 654-8181, ext. 2120. 

Market on the Green Farmers’ Market – Thursdays, 9:00 a.m.

Please be reminded that the Farmers’ Market will be held at the Village Center every Thursday through September 18 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Recycling Fair in Burr Ridge – Saturday, July 19, 9:00 a.m. - Noon

Please be reminded of the Recycling Fair that is being co-hosted by State Senator Christine Radogno and State Representative Jim Durkin. The event will take place on Saturday, July 19, at Burr Ridge Middle School, 15W451 91st Street, from 9:00 a.m. to noon. For more information and list of acceptable and non-acceptable items, visit Sen. Radogno and Rep. Durkin websites at www.senatorradogno.org or www.ilhousegop.org.

Plan Commission Meeting – Monday, July 21, 7:30 p.m.

The next Plan Commission meeting is scheduled on Monday, July 21, at 7:30 p.m. The Agenda is available for review at the Village Hall.

Veterans Memorial Committee Meeting – Wednesday, July 30, 4:00 p.m.

The next Veterans Memorial Committee meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, July 30, at 4:00 p.m.
Goal Setting Workshop – Tuesday, August 5, 6:00 p.m.

Please be reminded that the Goal Setting Workshop has been scheduled on Tuesday, August 5, beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Police Station.

Pleasantview Fire Chief Retirement Party – Saturday, August 23, 6:00 p.m.

A Retirement Party for Pleasantview Fire Chief Kevin Doyle, who retired from PVFD on July 8, 2014. The event will take place on Saturday, August 23, beginning at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at Capri Banquets, 6240 Joliet Road, Countryside. The cost is $25 per person, which includes dinner and contribution towards a gift. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP directly to kkirk@plvw.org or call Kathy at (708) 352-9229 ext. 2266 by no later than August 14.

Wok N Fire Finishes Outdoor Patio Prior to Deadline

A Special Use granted for Wok N Fire (located in the Village Center) earlier this year required that they complete their outdoor patio and remove the temporary sidewalk seating prior to July 15.  Staff has inspected the property and determined that they have complied with this deadline.

Update on Lawn Maintenance of Loyola Medical Property

Village Staff has been monitoring progress on the re-landscaping of the Loyola Medical building property.  The original plan called for a prairie landscaping ground cover.  That concept was never realized and the owner decided to re-landscape the yard with a traditional turf.  At this time they have done some tilling, grading and weeding to remove the prairie grass and have told Staff they plan to re-seed and blanket the yard next week.  They indicated that they feel the bottom is still too wet to do any additional grading and they are looking at the drainage in that area (particularly to see if the drain is clogged and in need of repair).  They have also applied a selective herbicide inside the drainage pond and will re-seed that area with a native prairie seed mix next week.  Staff will continue to monitor.

St. Mark’s Church Receives Permit for Grading and Installation of Utilities

On Thursday, July 17, St. Mark’s Church was issued a grading and utilities permit. They have also applied for a permit to demolish the house on the property. The permit for the demolition should be issued later today.

Northern Illinois Municipal Natural Gas Franchise Consortium Update

The Village of Burr Ridge has been a member of the Northern Illinois Municipal Natural Gas Franchise Consortium since 2009. The 39-member Consortium was created for the express purpose of negotiating a fair and modern franchise agreement with Nicor Gas. The Village’s franchise agreement with Nicor expired in 2007. Because Nicor would not negotiate terms with the Village of Burr Ridge at that time, it was felt that our best option was to join the Consortium. I have been a member of the Consortium Steering Committee since its inception and I have recently been named Chairperson of this organization. At this point, I believe we are very close to completing our negotiations with Nicor and the terms of the proposed new agreement will be beneficial to the Village. To-date, the Village has paid $4,160.66 in assessments to this organization. An additional $50,000 assessment has recently been requested from the Consortium, with the Village’s portion being $906.04. If all goes as anticipated, we feel that this would be the last assessment that will be required. The amount that the Village has paid in assessments to this organization is far less than what it would have been if the Village negotiated directly with Nicor Gas. In addition, one of the proposed provisions, to which Nicor has agreed, is a signing bonus that would equate to twice the amount of the money that we have paid in assessments.

Economic Development Committee to Promote Pace Bus Routes

Based on the suggestion of Trustee and Economic Development Committee member John Manieri, the EDC discussed possible ways in which the Village could promote the three Pace bus routes that serve the Village of Burr Ridge. A report prepared by Communication and PR Coordinator Janet Kowal outlining the different ways in which the Village can promote this service to our residents is available at the Village Hall upon request. The Committee will also be looking to reach out to restaurants and local Realtors to help promote the use of the Pace bus routes. Several years ago, the Village hosted lunches with area Realtors to update them on issues in which they may be interested. The Committee is discussing the possibility of once again hosting a lunch for Realtors and this issue will be discussed again at their meeting in September.

May and June Building Reports

The Building Reports for the months of May and June, prepared by Building & Zoning Assistant Julie Tejkowski are available for viewing at the Village Hall.

The May report shows the following building permits issued during the month:

  • 0 New Single Family Residential
  • 6 Residential Additions/Alterations in the amount of $84,750
  • 0 New Non-Residential
  • 4 Non-Residential Additions/Alterations in the amount of $3,630,628


The June report shows the following building permits issued during the month:

  • 3 New Single Family Residential in the amount of $2,246,250
  • 3 Residential Additions/Alterations in the amount of $117,750
  • 0 New Non-Residential
  • 1 Non-Residential Addition/Alteration in the amount of $167,085

A year-to-date grand total of 53 permits were issued for a year-to-date construction value of $15,116,360.

IML Statehouse Briefing

The Illinois Municipal League’s Statehouse Briefing dated July 14, 2014 is available for viewing at the Village Hall.

Comcast Programming Change

A letter from Daniel Maloney, Director of Government Affairs for Comcast, highlighting a change to programming that will go into effect August 14, 2014 is available for viewing at the Village Hall.

Village Administrator Vacation

Please be reminded that I will be on vacation on Friday, July 25. Community Development Director Doug Pollock will be in charge during my absence.


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For other copies of the Village Administrator's Update please email bpopp@burr-ridge.gov.

Municipal Code

The Municipal Code of Burr Ridge is a codification of the Village Ordinances. Ordinances may be passed, modified or repealed on an ongoing basis. The individual chapter listings below are typically updated on a monthly basis. The entire municipal code book file is typically updated twice annually.

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