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Message from the Chief

On behalf of the men and women of the Burr Ridge Police Department, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. The men and women serving this community are among the finest officers in the country and I am proud to serve alongside them.

This website is just one of the ways that we show our sense of pride, professionalism, dedication, and loyalty to the residents of Burr Ridge. While our mission is to serve and protect the residents of Burr Ridge, it is also our desire to keep them informed of the structure, services, and changes that occur within the police department; this is one way of doing that.

I am very proud of the fact that The Burr Ridge Police Department is a nationally accredited law enforcement agency. The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) awarded the Burr Ridge Police Department with its first accreditation award in July, 2007, during the CALEA conference hosted in Montreal, Canada.  In August of 2013, we earned our third accreditation award. CALEA audits and awards are scheduled on a triennial basis. We are presently working toward our fourth accreditation audit and award set for April, 2016.

The Burr Ridge Police Department responds to approximately 13,500 calls for service annually.  In addition to the calls for service, other Department activities include Extended Patrol Services, DARE instruction, Citizen Police Academy program, and various other community outreach programs.  The Department also remains actively involved in various Mutual Aid Agreements such as the Felony Investigative Assistance Team (FIAT), Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS), and the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS).  FIAT and the NIPAS Emergency Services Team provide special weapons and tactical support, as well as investigative support to participating agencies.  Our commitment to these Mutual Aid Agreements enhances the service capabilities of the Burr Ridge Police Department by providing resources and expertise that are extremely necessary during challenging times.   

I would like to encourage you to learn more about the Citizen’s Police Academy by visiting the Police Department Services section of our web site. This popular program gives citizens the chance to learn more about the Burr Ridge Police Department. The Citizen’s Police Academy meets one evening a week for ten weeks. This program has been very successful in building strong ties between police officers and the citizens they serve.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Burr Ridge Police Department.  I invite any inquires or concerns that you have which will increase the ability of our police agency to serve you better. 

John W. Madden
Chief of Police


Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of the Burr Ridge Police Department is to work closely with the Community to prevent Crime and disorder, and to enhance the safety of its citizens. In support of this mission, recognition of the following nine principles is essential.

  1. The prevention of Crime and maintenance of order is the primary goal of the department, while vigorously pursuing those who commit serious crimes. The department will provide comprehensive traffic law enforcement based upon the traffic safety requirements of the community.
  2. It is important to ensure and maintain public respect, as public approval of the police is essential to the fulfillment of their mission.
  3. To maintain public respect and approval means also securing the willing cooperation of the public in observing the law.
  4. The extent to which the cooperation of the public is secured diminishes proportionately the necessity of the use of force and compulsion for achieving police objectives.
  5. Preserving public favor does not imply pandering to public opinion, but requires absolute impartial service in law, the ready offering of individual service and friendship to all members of the public without regard to their wealth or social standing, the exercise of courtesy and good humor, and offering individual sacrifice in protecting and preserving life.
  6. Physical force may only be used when persuasion, advise and warning is found to be insufficient to obtain public cooperation in restoring order; and only the minimum degree of necessary force is acceptable.
  7. It is necessary to maintain at all times a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public, and the public are the police; working together for the community welfare.
  8. Recognize always the need for strict adherence to police - executive functions, realizing that the police are only one essential component of the Criminal Justice System, not empowered to usurp authority from the others.
  9. We must recognize always that the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, and not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them.


John Madden
Police Chief
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5000
Email: jmadden@burr-ridge.gov
Marc Loftus
Deputy Chief
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5080
Email: mloftus@burr-ridge.gov
Dave Allen
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5110
Email: dallen@burr-ridge.gov
Jerry Karceski
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5090
Email: jkarceski@burr-ridge.gov
Luke Vulpo
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5130
Email: lvulpo@burr-ridge.gov

Mike Barnes
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5120
Email: mbarnes@burr-ridge.gov

Michele Glosky
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5140
Email: mglosky@burr-ridge.gov
Michael Firnsin
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5330
Email: mfirnsin@burr-ridge.gov

Angie Wilhelmi
D.A.R.E./Community Policing Officer
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5160
Email: awilhelmi@burr-ridge.gov

Ryan Husarik
(630) 323-8181 Ext. 5150
Email: rhusarik@burr-ridge.gov


  • John Booras
  • Mike Cervenka
  • Mike Essig
  • Kristopher Garcia
  • Brian Gutierrez
  • John Helms
  • Tom McKnabb
  • Lou Moravecek
  • Dan O'Connor
  • Matthew Overton
  • Megan Smith
  • Jim Thompson
  • Brandon Valentino
  • Lukas Weeks
  • Bob Wirth
  • Robert Wisch

Complaints or Comments About the Department

It is the policy of the Burr Ridge Police Department to accept and investigate all complaints against departmental employees and/or policies, procedures or operations.  Accepting positive citizen commentary provides us a way to gauge our working relationship with the residents of Burr Ridge.  If you wish to file a complaint or provide some positive commentary on our employees and/or services, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. You may request by telephone or in person to speak to the on-duty watch commander 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  2. During normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) you may request to speak to the Deputy Chief (630-323-8181). 

  3. All complaints are documented and investigated and a written record made of the finding and resolution.  You will be advised of the final outcome of the investigation.

  4. You will be asked to fill out and sign an affidavit detailing the circumstances regarding your complaint.

  5. Positive commentary, whether written or verbal, will be forwarded through the appropriate channels.

This procedure is designed to provide for a fair and equitable resolution to citizen complaints against the department or any of its members and document positive comments regarding our performance.  If you have any questions regarding this process please call the Police Department at (630) 323-8181 for further information.