Asphalt Batching Plant Information

The DuPage County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is currently considering a conditional use to allow an asphalt batching plant to be located at 9900 S. Route 83 near Burr Ridge. On June 19, the Burr Ridge Plan Commission recommended that the Village Board adopt a resolution objecting to the conditional use, which was unanimously approved by the Board on June 26.  Both actions were submitted to the County along with an official comment for the record which has been accepted and read at a public meeting by the ZBA.

The DuPage County Zoning Board of Appeals has held three hearings to consider this petition – June 29, July 20, and August 16. Two additional hearings have been scheduled for Thursday, December 14th and Tuesday, December 19th, both at 6:00 p.m.

These meetings will be held at:

Jack T. Knuepfer Administration Building

421 North County Farm Road

Wheaton, Illinois


If you have questions about this matter or would like more information, please contact Evan Walter, Assistant to the Village Administrator, at 630-654-8181, extension 2010. Mr. Walter will be in attendance at every County meeting on this matter.

Petitions before the DuPage County Board of Appeals must go through a three-step process for a decision to be made:

Step 1: The petition must go before the DuPage County Zoning Board of Appeals.  At a public meeting, the ZBA will recommend to grant or deny the petition.  The recommendation of the ZBA is sent to the County Development Committee for consideration.

Step 2: The ZBA Recommendation is considered by the County Development Committee, which makes a recommendation to the full DuPage County Board.  The Committee does not allow any new testimony but does allow participants 3 minutes to speak to the issue.

Step 3: The County Board renders the final decision on all zoning matters other than Zoning Appeals.  The County Board does not allow new testimony but does allow participants 3 minutes to speak to the issue.


The Zoning Board of Appeals is required to make findings and recommendations based on the following required evidence presented by the petitioner:

“That the granting of any Conditional Use is in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the Zoning Ordinance, and will not be injurious to the neighborhood, detrimental to the public welfare, or in conflict with the County’s comprehensive plan for development; and specifically that the granting of the Conditional Use will not:”

  1. Impair an adequate supply of light and air to the adjacent property;
  2. Increase the hazard from fire or other dangers to said property;
  3. Diminish the value of land and buildings in the vicinity of the proposed Conditional Use;
  4. Unduly increase traffic congestion in the public streets and highways;
  5. Increase the potential for flood damages to adjacent property;
  6. Incur additional public expense for fire protection, rescue or relief; or
  7. Otherwise impair the public health, safety, comfort, morals or general welfare of the inhabitants of DuPage County, nor will it otherwise create a nuisance.


For Specific Information Regarding the Proposed Asphalt Batching Plant, read documents below:

Petitioner Materials – Lorig Asphalt Plant – DuPage County

Plan Commission Packet on the Lorig Asphalt Batching Plant

Plan  Commission Recommendation to the Village Board Objecting to the Asphalt Batching Plant

Village Board Resolution Objecting to the Use/Asphalt Batching Plant

DuPage County Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda for July 20 Meeting

Village Comment on Proposed Use

Letter to DuPage County Board from Mayor Straub – September, 2017