Building Permits

Building Permits – Residential and Commercial

Article II of the Burr Ridge Building Ordinance describes the requirements for building permits. A building permit is required for the construction of a new building or structure and for an addition to a building or structure.  A permit is required for garages, sheds, gazebos, decks, patios, sheds, outdoor kitchens, pools and spas, driveway replacements, and fences.  A permit is required for work that impacts foundations; for the relocation, removal or addition of interior or exterior walls; and for plumbing and electrical alterations or additions.  A grading permit is required for any changes in the existing grade of a property.  A right-of-way permit is required for any work in the public right-of-way/parkway.  A permit is not required for the replacement of windows, doors or roofing provided there is no enlargement or structural changes.

The Village's building codes and permit procedures were created by and for the benefit of Village residents and businesses. All building permit procedures, codes, and fees are approved by the Board of Trustees and administrated by Village staff. Any property owner planning improvements should first look for the permit packet in one of the adjoining permit application links - Residential to the left, and Commercial Building Permit application links to the right.

If there is any question regarding the need for a permit or regarding the application for a permit, please contact one of the following Village staff:

Michelle Mahlan, Building and Zoning Assistant - (630) 654-8181, ext. 3010;;

    Evan Walter, Assistant Village Administrator - (630) 654-8181, ext. 2010;;

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