Tree Maintenance & Programs

Tree Maintenance

The Village's Tree Code, which regulates planting, preservation and protection and removal of right-of-way trees, requires that a permit be obtained from the Village for any tree to be planted in the dedicated right-of-way. There is no cost for the permit. The Village's Certified Arborist ensures that the species selected is compatible to a street-side environment and is located where there will be no interference with traffic or utilities. The Arborist is available to address residents' concerns about diseased or dying trees and will be willing to assist in determining the cause of any tree problems.

Tree Programs

Parkway Tree Planting Program

The Village plants parkway trees in the right-of-way throughout the Village in the spring and fall. Residents can request that the right-of-way in front of their home be placed on the list for trees to be planted by the Village. Such requests will be honored in the order in which they are received, with the Arborist in consultation with the resident, determining the best location and species. If you would like a tree planted adjacent to your property, please call the Public Works Department at 630-323-4733. Your name and address will be placed on our planting list and trees will be planted in the order of requests. Please see Message from the Arborist for more information.

Resident Tree Program

The Annual Resident Tree Program offers trees for residents to purchase. The trees are purchased through the Village and are delivered to the residents' homes for a nominal delivery charge beginning in October each year. An order form will be available online to residents in September. The deadline to order for 2016 is Monday, October 3rd. Orders submitted after this deadline will not be accepted and trees carry no guarantees.  Trees will be delivered to the resident's driveway beginning October 1oth. Click here for link to order form.

Tree Trimming

The parkway trees are the responsibility of the Village and are maintained by Forestry & Grounds and the Village Arborist, who will make decisions about their care. The Parkway Tree Pruning Program is on a seven year cycle beginning the early months of winter. Trees larger than eight inches in diameter are trimmed by an outside contractor under the supervision of Village Arborist, Gary Gatlin. Smaller trees are trimmed by Forestry Staff.

Residents are reminded that the parkway trees are the responsibility of the Village and are maintained by Public Works and its Village Arborist, who will make decisions about their care. Unfortunately, there are times when a branch or branches must be removed in a manner that leaves a parkway tree looking asymmetrical. However, it should be remembered that the safety of vehicular traffic, pedestrians and property owners is the primary consideration when the Village trims parkway trees. Trees must be trimmed with a minimum clearance of 16 feet above the street pavement as the trees reach maturity. Dead or structurally unsound branches are also removed.


Woodchips can be picked up at the Public Works Garage when chips are available, usually after the Curbside Brush Chipping Program. Please call 630-323-4733 before picking up chips to assure woodchips are available. Remember to bring a shovel and container to transport the woodchips home.

Arbor Day

The Village celebrates Arbor Day at a Burr Ridge school by planting a tree with students' assistance.

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