The Administration Department is responsible for oversees initiatives related to general Village administration, communications, economic and community development, planning, zoning, building permitting, human resources, intergovernmental relations, customer service, and internal service delivery to other departments in the Village.

The Village Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Village and reports to the Mayor and Board of Trustees on the management and operation of all affairs and departments of the Village.

The Communications and Public Relations/Events Coordinator, oversees the content and organization of the Village web site, maintains the local cable access Bulletin Board (Channel 6 & Channel 99) as well as other communications to the general public.

The Executive Assistant serves as secretary to the Mayor, Village Administrator and other administrative staff while acting as the Village health and liability insurance claims coordinator.

The Principal Office Assistant maintains the Village's records, serves as the Village’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer, processes special assessments, liquor license applications, and water and sewer recaptures.

The Receptionist greets visitors at the front counter, answers the telephone, processes service requests and the daily mail.

Administrative Staff

Evan Walter
Village Administrator
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2000

Julie Tejkowski
Executive Assistant
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2020

Janet Kowal
Communications and Public Relations/Events Coordinator
(630) 654-8181 Ext. 2120

Gail DeMory
(630) 654-8181, Ext. 2070
Clare Nass
Administrative Intern/Receptionist
Shirley Benedict
Principle Office Assistant
(630)654-8181, Ext. 2140