Article II of the Burr Ridge Building Ordinance describes the requirements for building permits. A building permit is required for the construction of a new building or structure and for an addition to a building or structure.  A permit is required for work that impacts foundations; for the relocation, removal or addition of interior or exterior walls; and for plumbing and electrical alterations or additions.  A grading permit is required for any changes in the existing grade of a property.  A permit is not required for the replacement of windows, doors or roofing provided there is no enlargement or structural changes.

The permit packets provide a permit application form and all other information needed to apply for a building permit. Please print the application forms in color.

Construction without a permit is subject to a stop work order and substantial penalties and fees. If you are unsure of whether you need a permit or have any other questions about building permits, please contact one of the following staff members:

Michelle Mahlan, Building and Zoning Assistant; (630) 654-8181, extension 3010

  Evan Walter, Assistant to the Village Administrator; (630) 654-8181, ext. 2010

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