Sheds, Garage, etc.

Permit Packet

Detached Accessory Buildings    (i.e. Sheds, Garages, etc.)

The Village of Burr Ridge Zoning Ordinance categorizes all sheds, detached garages, gazebos, pool houses, barns and similar buildings in residential districts as "Detached Accessory Buildings" with a common set of regulations. A permit is required for all detached accessory buildings. The permit packet link will provide you with a permit application form and additional information about applying for a permit.

A word of sure to check for any restrictive covenants recorded against your property which regulate detached accessory buildings and other structures. Even if you do not have an active homeowners association, there may be restrictive covenants.  The Village does not have such records.  A copy of any restrictive covenants should have been given to you at the time that you purchased your property. Covenants are recorded against the land; once you have the document number from your title report, you can obtain a recorded copy from the County Recorder.

Zoning Regulations for Detached Accessory Buildings on Residential Properties: Detached accessory buildings are restricted to the rear yard of a residential property. The size, height, and location of detached buildings vary by Zoning District. To check the zoning of your property, please click on the following: Zoning Map. Once you determine the zoning district for your property, you may access more detailed zoning information in Section IV.H of the Zoning Ordinance. Specific questions regarding regulations and procedures for detached accessory buildings should be directed to the following Village staff:

Michelle Mahlan, Building and Zoning Assistant; (630) 654-8181, extension 3010

    Evan Walter, Assistant Village Administrator; (630)654-8181, extension 2010

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