Business Development Partners

At the Village of Burr Ridge, we understand the importance of fostering a thriving business community. That's why we have established strong partnerships and collaborations with various organizations that support local companies and business leaders.

Through our strategic alliances, we aim to enhance various aspects of business development, including marketing, entrepreneurship, and workforce development. By joining forces with esteemed organizations, we provide resources and support to Burr Ridge-based companies, helping them flourish and succeed in today's competitive landscape.

Our partnerships include the DuPage County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Willowbrook/Burr Ridge Chamber of Commerce, and the Burr Ridge Village Center. These organizations are instrumental in contributing to the growth and prosperity of our local businesses.

The DuPage County Convention and Visitors Bureau is an essential partner that helps us promote the Village of Burr Ridge as an attractive destination for visitors and tourists. Their expertise in marketing and tourism helps showcase the unique offerings and opportunities available within our community, generating increased visibility and footfall for local businesses.

Our collaboration with the Willowbrook/Burr Ridge Chamber of Commerce aims to connect businesses with valuable networking opportunities, educational resources, and advocacy initiatives. By working together, we strive to create a favorable environment for business growth and foster a sense of community among our business leaders.

We also have a strong partnership with the Burr Ridge Village Center. Recognizing the significance of retail, entertainment, and restaurant establishments and their contribution to the local economy, we facilitate communication and cooperation between the shopping center and local businesses. This collaboration aims to enhance the overall shopping experience and drive economic prosperity.

At the Village of Burr Ridge, we are committed to nurturing an ecosystem that empowers businesses to thrive. Through our partnerships, we provide a robust support system that fuels the success of Burr Ridge-based companies and empowers business leaders to reach new heights.

Explore the opportunities and benefits that our Business Development Partners offer, and together, let's shape a prosperous future for the Village of Burr Ridge's business community.