Cannabis Information

Cannabis Information

At a town hall meeting on October 21, 2019, the Burr Ridge Board of Trustees voted 6 to 0 to direct the Plan Commission and Village staff to proceed with an Ordinance prohibiting cannabis businesses in the Village of Burr Ridge.  The Board’s decision to “opt-out” will be memorialized and codified in an Ordinance to be reviewed by the Plan Commission and approved by the Board of Trustees at their November 25, 2019 meeting.

The Village of Burr Ridge began the process of determining whether or not to allow recreational cannabis businesses in the Village in July of 2019.  For more information about the process and the issue, please see below.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact any one of the Village officials listed below.

Gary Grasso, Mayor -, (630) 654-8181, ext. 1000

Doug Pollock, Village Planner -, (630) 654-8181, ext. 2000

Evan Walter, Interim Village Administrator -, (630) 654-8181, ext. 2010


  • July 22– Village staff presented an overview of the recreational cannabis legislation to the Board of Trustees.  No action was taken but the community and the Board were encouraged to begin considering the decision to opt-in or opt-out.
  • August 26– The Board of Trustees approved a motion directing the Plan Commission and Economic Development Committee (EDC) to consider preliminary zoning and economic impacts of cannabis businesses on the Village to inform the Board of Trustees in its decision on whether to prohibit or allow such uses in the community.
  • October 7– The Plan Commission held a public hearing to discuss broad frameworks for potential locations of cannabis businesses. The consensus of the Plan Commission was that any recreational cannabis uses that may locate in the Village should be classified as special uses. There was broad consensus that a special use for retail cannabis dispensaries would be best listed in a L-I and G-I Manufacturing Districts (e.g. Hinsdale Industrial Park at 83rd Street and Shore Drive).  There was more limited support (and also some objection) to a special use listing in the B-1 or B-2 District (primarily County Line Square and Village Center). This opinion was non-binding and advisory in nature only.
  • October 9– The EDC held a public meeting to discuss economic impacts of cannabis businesses. The EDC felt that the revenue projections for dispensaries justified their potential location in the Village, but the other uses, such as craft growers, cultivation centers, etc. did not. The EDC also felt that a dispensary would be better suited to be located at the periphery of the Village, such as Route 83, rather than in the downtown (primarily County Line Square and Village Center). This opinion was non-binding and advisory in nature only.
  • October 14– The Board received the preliminary advisory opinions from the Plan Commission and EDC. Upon hearing public comment, the Board agreed that a special town hall Board meeting to gather further information and public comment was necessary.
  • October 21– The Board held a special town hall meeting to receive additional staff testimony and public comment on the subject. After a short discussion, the Board voted to opt out and prohibit recreational cannabis businesses in the Village on a 6-0 vote.
  • November 18– As required by law, the Plan Commission will hold a public hearing to consider the “opt-out” Ordinance and provide an official recommendation to the Board which reflects the Board’s direction from the October 21 meeting. A Plan Commission recommendation is required by State law as part of the process to amend the Village’s Zoning Ordinance.
  • November 25 – As per their decision on October 21 and as required by law, the Board of Trustees is scheduled to adopt an Ordinance that will prohibit cannabis businesses in the Village of Burr Ridge.