Community Development


The Community Development Division is located in the Village’s Administration Department, whose mission is to assist the community in preparing, administering and implementing community development policies and ordinances that result in the highest quality standards of appearance and convenience for the Village of Burr Ridge. In pursuit of this mission, the Division is responsible for implementing the Village’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Subdivision Ordinance, Zoning Ordinance, Sign Ordinance, Building Code, and Property Maintenance Code, providing staff support to the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals, and preparing and supporting the various tools intended to implement the Village’s long range plans.

The Management Analyst is responsible for economic development and code enforcement, including representing the Village in adjudication matters related to zoning and property maintenance.

The Permit Technician is responsible for processing building permit applications; providing building information to the public; coordination of plan review and inspection services; and administration of the Village’s permit system software program. Plan reviews and inspections for building permits are done by outside contractors. All questions and inquiries regarding plan reviews and inspections should be directed to the Permit Technician.

The Planner serves as the Zoning Administrator and staff liaison to the Planning and Zoning Commission.



Doug Pollock
Village Planner
(630)654-8181 Ext. 3000
Michelle Mahlan
Permit Technician
(630)654-8181 Ext. 3010
Andrez Beltran
Management  Analyst (630) 654-8181, Ext. 3030