Community Vision

Burr Ridge is a high quality suburban community with low density neighborhoods characterized by distinctive homes in natural wooded settings.  Our Village accommodates residents who seek a sense of privacy in a tranquil environment. We desire to enhance the Village’s physical beauty, keeping Burr Ridge a very special place.


1.      Land Use Plan

1.1    Residential Development

Maintain the existing residential environment that is characterized by high quality housing and low density neighborhoods in a wooded setting.

  • Maintain and encourage predominantly single family developments with limited expansion of, appropriately located, non-single family developments.
  • Maintain and encourage low density residential developments with a variety of lot sizes. Lot sizes are encouraged to be 30,000 square feet or larger.
  • Promote distinctive and upscale residential developments with high architectural quality.
  • Maintain, preserve and create additional wooded areas and other natural features in the existing and future residential developments, giving special consideration to topographical and flood plain conditions.
  • Require appropriate transitional uses and/or landscape screening between residential developments and adjacent different land uses.

1.2    Commercial/Industrial Development

Commercial and industrial developments should strengthen and maintain property values and provide a strong tax base for the Village.

  • Maintain the existing industrial parks in the Village to appropriate standards and enhance them as a continued tax base for the Village.
  • Facilitate development of only those commercial/industrial uses that generate traffic patterns that do not significantly impact the existing residential environment.

1.3 Open Space

Preserve and enhance the natural wooded character of the community.

  • Maintain and preserve ravines, woodlands, wetlands and flood plains in the Village, especially in the southern portions and the German Church Road subarea.
  • Encourage the use of conservation easements as a method of preserving existing open spaces and wooded areas.
  • Require that new development projects be built in accordance with the Burr Ridge Special Flood Hazard Ordinance.

1.4 New Growth Areas

New growth areas should be developed with high quality, low density residential uses consistent with the character of the Village of Burr Ridge.

  • Define long-term Village of Burr Ridge boundaries, and actively seek appropriate boundary agreements with neighboring communities.
  • Integrate new growth areas with the existing fabric of the Village. This might require that previously developed areas be encouraged to conform  with Burr Ridge development standards upon annexation.
  • Develop plans to maintain and improve older county subdivisions that have been, or will be, annexed into the Village.

2.   Subarea Plans

The development of the remaining large tracts of vacant land in the Village and its planning area should enhance the image of Burr Ridge as an upscale residential community and a prestigious business address.

  • Facilitate development of the vacant parcels in the Burr Ridge Corporate Park
  • Reconfigure County Line Square as the Village Center by developing a wide range of neighborhood/convenience shopping and institutional uses consistent with the needs of the community
  • Upgrade and renovate County Line Square to create a well defined, attractive and pedestrian oriented development
  • Annex the German-Church Road subarea to Burr Ridge and ensure its development is sensitive to the significant natural features of the site. 

3.   Community Design

Enhance the community’s image by creating a distinctive visual character for the main entrance corridors to the Village of Burr Ridge.

  • Landscape and develop the County Line Road and Frontage Road intersections, north and south of the Route I-55 interchange, the South Frontage Road and 91st Street right-of-way intersections with Robert Kingery Highway, and the Madison Street and Plainfield Road intersection as gateways to the community. Establish signage to identify other main entrance points into Burr Ridge.
  • Encourage individual subdivisions to design their entryway signs to include common features from the Village’s entrance signage, in order to unify and identify the subdivisions as being part of Burr Ridge.
  • Landscape the frontage roads to define and enhance their connections with County Line Road and buffer Interstate Route I-55.
  • Enhance the appearance of arterial streets within Burr Ridge.
  • Preserve the existing estate-type character of County Line Road in accordance with the County Line Road Overlay District, as amended through March, 1955.
  • Develop a continuous natural open space area along the Des Plaines River to define the southern edge of the Burr Ridge planning area.
  • Encourage tree planting on public and private property to enhance the wooded character of Burr Ridge.
  • Encourage burial of utility lines

4.   Transportation and Circulation

Control traffic volumes and patterns so that they do not adversely impact residential areas

  • Maintain and develop roads, streets and highways in proper scale with their intended uses and adjacent land uses, to ensure that they can safely handle present and anticipated traffic volumes.
  • Encourage non-residential land uses that enhance the Village tax base yet attract minimal non-local traffic.
  • Provide for through vehicular traffic on major arterials with minimum inconvenience to residents.
  • Encourage the connection of residential growth areas to the existing Burr Ridge circulation system.
  • Promote development of low volume residential roadways to maintain privacy and tranquil environment.
  • Provide street extensions and connections between residential neighborhoods, as appropriate, to improve circulation within the Village.
  • Establish and maintain a pedestrian and bicycle pathway system in the Village, which connects the neighborhoods to community facilities such as parks, schools, shopping centers and community centers.
  • Encourage and maintain access to public transportation.

5.   Community Facilities and Services

Encourage shared community facilities that serve all Burr Ridge residents.

  • Maintain existing, and encourage additional, recreational facilities that serve residents of all age groups.
  • Encourage park districts to provide each Burr Ridge neighborhood with open space and neighborhood parks.
  • Encourage effective coordination between local park districts.
  • Consider providing a community house or some other common facility available to all residents, preferably with a central location in the Burr Ridge Corporate Park.
  • Explore the potential for providing common Village library services for all Burr Ridge residents, preferably located in the Burr Ridge Corporate Park.
  • Encourage residents to convert from individual wells and septic systems to Village water and sanitary sewer systems.
  • Encourage the routine maintenance of privately-owned detention ponds to insure that storm water detention capacity is adequate, in order to minimize flooding