Welcome to the Village of Burr Ridge - A Very Special Place for Seniors

Nestled in the heart of both DuPage and Lyons Townships, the Village of Burr Ridge cherishes its vibrant and diverse population. Proudly boasting a demographic makeup where over 30% of residents are aged 65 and older, Burr Ridge stands as a welcoming home for seniors seeking a tranquil and supportive environment.

Our community thrives on inclusivity and interconnectedness, fostering a sense of unity and shared experiences among residents of all ages. Burr Ridge is privileged to host both the Burr Ridge and Pleasant Dale Park Districts, offering a myriad of recreational opportunities that contribute to the overall well-being of our residents.

As we prioritize the needs and interests of our cherished senior population, the Village actively collaborates with community leaders and local organizations. Together, we explore potential initiatives that enhance the quality of life for seniors in Burr Ridge. The warmth and interconnectedness of our community create an environment where seniors can truly feel at home.

Discover the delightful spirit of Burr Ridge—a community committed to unity, wellness, and the vibrancy of all its residents, including its cherished senior community.

Learn More

  • Burr Ridge Park District: Explore the recreational heartbeat of Burr Ridge with the Burr Ridge Park District. Offering diverse programs and facilities, the Park District is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of residents of all ages.
  • Pleasant Dale Park District: Uncover a world of leisure and community engagement with the Pleasant Dale Park District. Committed to providing enriching experiences, the district offers a range of activities for seniors to stay active and connected.
  • Illinois Department of Aging: Connect with state-wide resources through the Illinois Department of Aging. Access valuable information and programs that support the health, independence, and dignity of older adults.
  • Interfaith Community Partners: This non-profit organization provides essential support to seniors, fostering independence through a variety of services and connections.
  • DuPage Township: Discover local support and resources for seniors in DuPage Township. The Township is committed to enhancing the quality of life for older adults through various programs and services.
  • Lyons Township: Access community services and support for seniors in Lyons Township. Explore the Township's initiatives dedicated to the well-being and inclusivity of older residents.

Discover these resources and more as Burr Ridge continues to foster a vibrant and supportive community for seniors.