Economic Development Committee

Mission: The mission of the Economic Development Committee (EDC) is to grow a stronger business climate by being an active partner with businesses, investors, and residents. The EDC shall strengthen economic development in the Village by developing business retention, expansion, and attraction programs; the creation and implementation of economic development plans and policies; being business ambassadors to the community; coordinating with other governments on projects; and submitting an annual Economic Development Position Report to the Village Board at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Members: Trustee Tony Schiappa (Chairman), Trustee Russell Smith, Debbie Hamilton, Kirsten Jepsen, Sam Odeh, Bhagwan Sharma, Michael Simmons, Mark Stangle, Paul Stettin, and Luka Kaplarevic.

Meetings: The Economic Development Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month, 6:00 p.m. at Village Hall.