Fall Leaves and Storm Drains

a group of trees with red leaves in the Fall
As the fall season graces our village with the beauty of changing leaves, it's important to understand their impact on our environment, particularly in relation to storm drains. Clean storm drains are crucial as they prevent flooding by channeling rainwater away from our streets and homes. By keeping storm drains clean, we contribute to a cleaner, safer community.

Understanding the Issue

Fall leaves are a natural part of the season, but they can pose challenges when they accumulate near storm drains. Storm drains play a vital role in preventing flooding by channeling rainwater away from our streets and homes. However, clogged storm drains can lead to localized flooding, road damage, and even property damage. Leaves and debris that enter storm drains can contribute to water pollution and harm aquatic life.

How You Can Help

Proper disposal of leaves is essential to preventing clogged storm drains. Avoid sweeping or blowing leaves into the street, as they can end up in storm drains. Instead, bag leaves and dispose of them properly through proper disposal methods. Alternatively, utilize leaves as a resource by mulching or composting them for your garden. Additionally, keeping catch basins in your area clear of leaves and debris helps prevent backups.

Our Commitment to a Clean Village

At the Village of Burr Ridge, we take pride in maintaining a balanced community that respects both our residential and business sectors. By preventing clogs in storm drains, we contribute to the preservation of our natural environment.

Getting Involved

Help us spread awareness by sharing this information with your friends and neighbors. Together, we can create a cleaner and safer village for everyone.

Thank you for your part in keeping the Village of Burr Ridge clean and beautiful!