CNH Industrial is Relocating

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Mayor Gary Grasso 
For Immediate Release 
June 16, 2022 
BURR RIDGE, IL —  The Village of Burr Ridge has been made aware that CNH Industrial (6900 Veterans Boulevard) is relocating its staff to other locations and selling the entirety of its approximately 110-acre lot building and facility. CNH Industrial, formerly known as International Harvester, has contributed much to the history of the Village of Burr Ridge, beginning with the Village’s incorporation in 1956. As growth accelerated following WWII, the once-rural farmlands of what is now known as Burr Ridge faced rapid development. The desire for better roads and International Harvester’s decision to build a research center nearby prompted homeowners to vote for incorporation on October 30, 1956, as the Village of Harvester, as a nod to International Harvester’s then-414-acre farm site located within close proximity to the original boundaries of the Village. While the Village’s name was changed from Harvester to Burr Ridge in 1962, the community’s close relationship with CNH Industrial continued in their contributions to the community. From the Village’s early development to the creation of Harvester Park and its countless philanthropic endeavors within Burr Ridge, CNH Industrial’s rich community history will be missed.  
The Village is not aware of any development plans for the property nor have any petitions for zoning or development been submitted to the Village. The Village has a positive relationship with CNH Industrial’s executive team and will continue to work closely with the company as both parties begin new chapters in their history, taking a proactive approach to the property’s sale and development. The Plan Commission and Economic Development Committee will be actively involved in the redevelopment of this property to ensure that it meets community standards and provides for a strong economic future for the Village. All rezoning and development requests will require public notices and public hearings for consideration. Once concrete development plans are available for review, they will be placed on the Village’s website.