Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Project Begins Soon

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The Village of Burr Ridge has hired a contractor to clean and inspect the sanitary sewer pipes in  residential neighborhoods south of Village Center and east of County Line Road (excluding Burr Oaks Glen North and Savoy Club). We have scheduled this work over the next two weeks from July 25th through August 12th, and only on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.  

This two-stage operation first sends nozzles with high-pressure water into each manhole to jet-clean the sewer pipe, then follows with a remotely operated camera to inspect each pipe’s integrity.  Your sanitary service will not be affected, but you may hear gurgling sounds from your drains and toilets.  Please keep all toilet seats down during our work since water could bubble up from the high-pressure pipe cleaning.  In addition, please keep floor drains filled with several gallons of water to prevent sewer gas from entering your living spaces. 

Sewertech LLC will perform this work for the Village and will leave a door hanger at your home before any work on your street. Crews will never need to enter your residence; however, they will need access to any manholes in the rear yards. 

This procedure is the first of two major projects the Village will use to evaluate any future repairs needed to maintain a reliable sanitary sewer system for our residents and businesses. 

If you encounter problems during this work, please call our project manager at (708) 743-1470

For questions after-hours or general inquiries about our sewers and infrastructure, please call our Public Works Department at (630) 654-8181