The Engineering Division is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the services and activities of consulting engineers as well as providing in-house engineering services. The Engineering Division interacts with the public, property owners, citizens, public/private organizations, developers, contractors, and other Village departments to address Village engineering activities. Village engineering activities include but are not limited to:  new developments, capital improvement projects, public works, roadway construction and maintenance, storm water management, surveying, plan review, inspection, code enforcement, infrastructure planning, project design, and project management.  The Division is also responsible for the design and construction of all Village capital projects including the annual road program, water main projects, storm drainage projects and various other projects.  Engineering also provides support for other Village departments including Community Development with inspection and review of new buildings and subdivisions, Police with accident investigations, traffic operations analysis and Finance with asset reporting.

The mission of the Engineering Division to achieve Village goals through sound engineering practice while providing a high level of customer service to everyone served by the Division.

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