Arborist’s Message

The forestry budget includes the planting of trees along the right of way and in public parks and municipal grounds of the Village. As your Village Arborist, I am excited about the opportunity to "green up" our Village and help maintain its suburban forest. Replacing hazardous or diseased trees that have died and planting trees in areas where there were not trees, can make a significant contribution to preserving our Village’s natural beauty. These trees will provide shade, wildlife habitat, clean air, reduce noise, prevent soil erosion and give us the peace of mind that only nature’s beauty can bring.

If you would like a tree planted in the right-of-way adjacent to your home, please call the Public Works Department at 630-323-4733. Your name and address will be placed on our planting list and trees will be planted in the order of requests. You will be notified before planting. At that time, I will be happy to consult with you about the location and species of tree to be planted. Soil type, overhead and underground utility lines, water drainage and exposure to road salt are some of the factors that must be considered when selecting a tree species. I will make every effort to provide the species you prefer, however the final decision must be made by myself, keeping in mind the site conditions.

Our goal is to provide a healthy tree canopy over the streets and pathways of our Village. We can only accomplish this with your cooperation and by planting the right tree in the right place. After your tree is planted, your help in keeping the tree watered is crucial to its survival. It is our hope that your new tree will improve the quality of life for you, your neighbors and all the residents of Burr Ridge.

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