Brush Pickup


The resident brush pickup date for 2021 will begin on Monday, October 25th. This program is intended to provide a service to residents who perform landscaping work on their private property and would like to dispose of the brush. As in the past, the brush will be collected by a grapple-claw mechanism and removed to a remote site for chipping. This process will allow the work to be performed more quickly, more quietly, and with less chipping debris on the street. The work will be performed under contract with Kramer Tree Specialists. Please ensure that brush conforms to the following requirements as the Village cannot require the contractor to return to a site if it does not comply:

  • Branches removed by contractors are NOT eligible for pickup. The program is intended to assist residents who perform their own work.
  • Branches may not exceed 8" in diameter.
  • Branches must be stacked neatly on the parkway, oriented parallel to the curb, and three feet away from stationary items. (trees, hydrants, etc.)
  • Branches must not be tied with string, wire, and be free of wire, staples, nails, or metal of any kind.
  • Root balls, stumps, lumber, debris, rocks, grasses, or any non-woody material will not be picked up.
  • Branches and twigs shorter than 18 inches should be placed in a yard waste bag for removal by your waste carrier.
  • Branches must not be placed in the parkway more than three weeks before the chipping program for your area begins.
  • Branches must be in the parkway by NO LATER THAN 7:00AM on the first day of pickup, as listed. Once the contractor has progressed past your street, they will not be able to return.


All Properties must have brush placed on the parkway no later than: 7:00 a.m., on the first day of the scheduled Brush Pickup week - Monday, October 25th.


Service will be provided to the entire Village during the designated brush pickup week. There is no longer a spring brush pickup for the Village.  Residents are now able to dispose of their brush/landscape waste using paper landscape bags which will be picked up by the Village scavenger service, Groot Industries.  The Brush Pickup Program will be conducted only in the fall. Residents will be notified of the brush pickup date via newsletter, E-Briefs, Website, Facebook, Twitter, BR App, and Cable Channels.


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