2021 Tree Orders

Join the Village’s reforestation efforts by ordering trees for fall planting in your yard. The trees are purchased through the Suburban Tree Consortium (STC), which is comprised of 30 municipalities in the western suburbs who banded together to contract with Wilson Nurseries of Hampshire, lllinois. Although there is no guarantee that accompanies the trees, mortality within the consortium has been approximately 1 % in recent years.

Because the trees will be dormant at the time of delivery, conditions will be ideal for the development of a healthy root system. However, since deliveries are not until late October, residents are urged to plant their trees promptly after receiving them to avoid any danger of freezing or drying. Since the trees are grown locally, they are well-adjusted to soil conditions. Also, since they are balled and burlapped, the trees adapt more readily to their new location and do not require extensive pruning.

Please remember that under the provisions of the Village’s tree regulations, a permit must be obtained if any of the trees purchased through this program are to be planted in the parkway. There is no fee for the permit; however, your application should be approved before you accept delivery.

Order deadline is Friday Oct 15, 2021, delivery will be scheduled for sometime in October

CLICK HERE to download order form