If you notice that a street light is out or witness damage to a street light, please call (630) 323-4733 to report its location and the pole number. You can also complete a service request to report the problem. If the pole or fixture has been damaged by an accident that has left wires exposed, there is danger of electrocution and your report is especially important. If the Village Hall is closed please dial 9-1-1 to report the matter. If there is a Village street light near your property (not a light or utility pole), you should contact the Village before beginning any digging in any utility easements where street light cable may be located along the front, side or rear of your property.


Maintenance of streets includes snow plowing, cold patching and street sweeping. If you notice a pot hole or areas of the road that need attention, please call the Public Works Department at (630) 323-4733. You can also complete a service request to report the problem.


Sweeping the streets clears the streets of leaves, mud and debris and helps to prevent debris from being washed into the storm sewers after a heavy rain.

Street sweeping usually begins in March weather dependent. The Operations Division sweeps all streets with curbs and gutters monthly with the exception of March, April, October and November when they are swept twice a month.  Each round of sweeping takes five or six days to complete.  Additional sweepings in some portions of town are required when there has been flooding, construction debris, excessive leaves, etc.   Last year we swept a total of 53 days, 286 hours, 1662 miles, and removed 86 loads of debris.

Residents can help us keep the storm sewers clear by refraining from raking leaves, and blowing grass clippings into the street. They should be bagged and removed by your waste service or used for mulch on your property.

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