Water & Sewer


The Water/Sewer Division is responsible for supplying clean, safe drinking water to the residents of Burr Ridge and is responsible for the pumping, storage and distribution system which provides Lake Michigan water to Burr Ridge. This task requires the maintenance of the Village Pump Center and distribution systems which includes buildings, pumps, communication systems, tower/reservoir maintenance, water sampling/testing, water main repairs, fire hydrant flushing, valve exercising and water meter reading.  The system includes a pumping station, a 3 million gallon underground reservoir, 2 million and 300,000 gallon elevated storage tanks and a standby system of wells.  Lake Michigan water is rechlorinated at the Burr Ridge pumping station before being distributed to residents.  The Water/Wastewater Division is responsible for water testing, water main repairs, fire hydrant flushing, valve exercising, and water meter readings.  Sewer system duties include maintenance of the sanitary sewer system (including lift stations) in Cook County. 

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