Backflow Prevention

Cross Connection Control Survey

The Illinois EPA requires water suppliers, such as the Village of Burr Ridge, to manage and protect against cross connections.  If not properly protected by devices in your interior plumbing, a cross connection could result in contamination of your drinking water by "backflow".  When a pressure change occurs, it causes water to flow back in an opposite direction and any contaminates can also flow “back” into the drinking water, which is a serious concern.

The Village is proud of the safe drinking water delivered to your home or business.  The IEPA requirement and the Village’s goal with the Cross Connection Control Survey is to ensure all Burr Ridge water customer are getting the safest, highest quality drinking water.  This survey is intended to meet one part of the IEPA program and to help our water customers work with the Village in protecting our drinking water from potential contamination.   If you are unsure about a cross connection or if a backflow device is installed at your property, please contact a licensed plumber to assist you.


Backflow Prevention Inspections

Under the provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act and EPA guidelines, the Village (water supplier) is held responsible for compliance and enforcement of all cross‐connection and backflow regulations and standards. In order to comply with this obligation, the management of the Village’s Cross‐Connection Control Program has been contracted to Backflow Solutions Inc. (BSI). BSI offers this service as a web based, online accessible, automated backflow tracking system known as BSI Online. (See attached information).

In order for the Village to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations, we require any business or residential home with an RPZ devise for backflow prevention to have it inspected yearly by a licensed plumber. Homes with a water meter larger than 1" in diameter and homes with sprinkler systems also require installation of RPZ devices and must have them inspected yearly.

Letters are sent by BSI Online as testing reminders just prior to the one year anniversary of the previous year’s test date. The test date varies for all residents and can be in the fall or winter months if their backflow device is located inside the residence or building.


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