Possible Fees

The Act permits the Village to charge reasonable fees to pay for copying costs or for the use of copying equipment, but we may not charge for the time and effort of a search.  The schedule of fees charged is detailed below.

  • $.15 per page (actual cost)
  • $.10 per certificate (actual cost) if the copies are to be certified

Please Note: All charges are payable before the material is released.  Certain technical documents such as codes, blueprints, zoning maps, etc. require special reproduction costs and will be billed at the actual cost to the Village.  You will be informed, if at all possible, what the cost will be when you make your request. 

The Village may waive or reduce the fees if disclosure is in the public interest.  You might receive a waiver or reduction if (a) you are requesting information on the health, safety and welfare or the legal rights of the general public, (b) you plan to disseminate this information, and (c) you will not receive a personal or commercial benefit from the disclosure of the documents. Ordinarily, you do not have to explain why you want access to a public record, but to qualify for a fee waiver or reduction, you should explain what you plan to do with the information.

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