Advisory Bodies

To expedite business, assist the Village Board in making its policy decisions and meeting its legal obligations, a number of independent commissions and boards have been created. These include the Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals, the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, the Police Pension Board, the Emergency Telephone System Board (E-9-1-1), the Pathway Commission and Environmental Quality Commission. In general, appointments are made by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Village Board. From time to time, the Village Board may also establish ad hoc or steering committees. By ordinance, the Village Board may establish standing committees that meet periodically to discuss specific topics. Examples include the  Bicycle Committee, Street Policy Committee, Water Committee, Economic Development Committee, Personnel CommitteeStormwater Management Committee and others. The Village Board may also meet as a "committee of the whole" to discuss specific topics of interest.

Below you will find information on existing Village boards and commissions and several committees, including their mission, current members and meeting dates and times. If you would like to know more about these committees, obtain agendas, minutes, or information about any of the standing or ad hoc committees not listed here, please contact the Village Hall at (630) 654-8181.

Bicycle Committee

Mission: The mission of the Bicycle Committee is to increase awareness and frequency of bicycle riding as a form of recreation, as well as promoting bicycle safety and education within the Village.

Members: Chairperson - Tony Schiappa; Paul Castellvi, Luisa Hoch, Elaine Layden, Michael Pluskonka, Chris Sward.  Staff Liaisons: Janet Kowal, Evan Walter

Meetings: the third Wednesday of the last month of every quarter.

Board of Fire and Police Commissioners

Mission: The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners (BFPC) consists of three members whose duties are set forth by state law and include the screening of all police officer candidates, screening for department promotions and conducting disciplinary cases forwarded to it by the Chief of Police.  The Mayor and Board of Trustees determine the need for additional or replacement personnel on the Police Department; however, they have no input on the selection of Police Officer candidates (except in the case of the Police Chief).  The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners maintains an eligibility list from which officers are hired.  The two fire protection districts serving Burr Ridge handle their own hiring since they are separate governmental entities.

Members: John Navickas, Chairperson, Ron Damper, Secretary, Sandra Allen and Cindy Pavelchik, Clerk

Meetings: The BFPC meets the second Wednesday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall

Economic Development Committee

Mission: The mission of the Economic Development Committee (EDC) is to grow a stronger business climate by being an active partner with businesses, investors, and residents. The EDC shall strengthen economic development in the Village by developing business retention, expansion, and attraction programs; the creation and implementation of economic development plans and policies; being business ambassadors to the community; coordinating with other governments on projects; and submitting an annual Economic Development Position Report to the Village Board at the beginning of the fiscal year.


Members: Mayor Gary Grasso,  Trustee Tony Schiappa, Leslie Bowman, Debbie Hamilton, Kirsten Jepsen, Sam Odeh, Bhagwan Sharma, Michael Simmons, Mark Stangle, and Paul Stettin.

Staff liaison: Evan Walter, Andrez Beltran, Janet Kowal.

Meetings: The Economic Development Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month, 5:00 p.m. at Village Hall.

Emergency Phone Systems Board (E-9-1-1)

Mission: The Emergency Phone System, or E-9-1-1, Board coordinates and supervises the upgrading and/or maintenance of the system which ensures that emergency calls for assistance get through when residents dial 9-1-1.  The Board receives monies from the monthly surcharge paid by Village residents, deposits these monies into the Emergency Telephone System Fund and authorizes disbursements from the Fund.

Members: Barbara Miklos, Chairperson, Brooks Fuller, Jerome Connolly, Bob Jewell and Police Chief John Madden

Meetings: The Committee meets as needed and has no regularly scheduled meetings.

Environmental Quality Commission

Mission: The mission of the Environmental Quality Commission is to make recommendations regarding possible ways to improve, protect and preserve the environment and all the natural resources affecting the Village and its residents.

Members: Trustee Guy Franzese, Trustee Tony Schiappa, Jennifer Houch, Tom Leydens, Yvonne Mayer, Jennifer McConahy, Steve McCracken.

Meetings: As needed.

Pathway Commission

Mission: The mission of the Pathway Commission is to safely link areas of the Village and expand the sense of community by providing pathways to shopping areas, schools, parks and neighborhoods. Click here for more information and documents.

Members: Pat Liss, Chairperson, Secretary, Todd Davis, John Pacocha, Elaine Layden, Dr. Satya Ahuja, and Luisa Hoch.

Meetings: The Pathway Commission meets the second Thursday of every odd numbered month, 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.

Personnel Committee

Mission: The Personnel Committee, a standing committee of the Village Board, is comprised of members of the Board of Trustees.  It reviews collective bargaining agreements and other personnel related matters and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Members: Trustee Al Paveza

Meetings: The Committee meets as needed and has no regularly scheduled meetings.

Police Pension Board

Mission: The Police Pension Board administers the pension fund of the Police Officers.  Two members of this Board are residents appointed by the Village, while the remainder of the members represent the Police officers.  By law, the Pension Board must meet once each quarter.

Members: Officer Ryan Husarik, President, Brandon Valentino, Secretary, Hal Paradis, Retiree Rep, Joe Patyk, and Raymond Lucas.

Meetings: By law, the Pension Board must meet once each quarter.

Stormwater Management Committee

Mission:  The Stormwater Committee is comprised of residents and members of the Board of Trustees. It acts as a recommending body to advise the Village Board and Staff on ways to maintain and enhance the Village's overall stormwater management system. To this end, the Committee is charged with the following responsibilities: (1) To minimize the impact that future development will have on the Village's stormwater management system and promote sound engineering practices through the periodic review and update of the Village's stormwater and flood ordinances; (2) To review citizen drainage and flood complaints and present recommendations to correct these drainage problems if necessary; and (3) To study current deficiencies in the stormwater management system and present recommendations to minimize and possibly eliminate historic stormwater problems throughout the Village.

Members: Guy Franzese, Chairperson, Trustee Al Paveza, Alice Krampits, Nancy Montelbano, David Allen, Rab Malhotra.

Meetings: The Stormwater Committee meets quarterly at 7:00 p.m. at the Public Works Facility (451 Commerce St.) on the dates listed below:

Street Policy Committee

Mission: The Street Policy Committee, a standing committee of the Village Board, is comprised of members of the Board of Trustees.  It reviews the 5-Year Road Program and each year makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees on the annual road program for the year.

Members: Mayor Gary Grasso, Trustee Al Paveza, Trustee Guy Franzese

Meetings: The Committee meets as needed and has no regularly scheduled meetings.

Water Committee

Mission: The Water Committee, a standing committee of the Village Board, is comprised of members of the Board of Trustees.  It reviews engineering recommendations for major improvements to the water pumping and distribution system and periodically reviews the water rates and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Members:  Trustee Al Paveza, Trustee Guy Franzese, Trustee Joseph Snyder

Meetings: The Water Committee meets as needed and has no regularly scheduled meetings.