Vision and Strategic Goals


Burr Ridge is a high-quality suburban community with low-density neighborhoods characterized by distinctive homes in natural settings.  The Village accommodates residents who seek a sense of privacy in a tranquil environment.  We desire to enhance the Village’s physical beauty, keeping Burr Ridge “A Very Special Place”.



After each municipal election, the Village Board holds a strategic planning session to determine its strategic goals for the subsequent two years and beyond. Below are the goals for 2017 to 2019. These goals were developed by the Mayor and Board of Trustees at workshops conducted in October and November of 2017.

Community Events Identify and implement more community interest generating events (for example, Taste of Burr Ridge)
Community Events – Revenues Evaluate opportunities for community events to generate revenue
Zip Code Pursue a single zip code for the Village of Burr Ridge
Sidewalks & Pathways Create adequate funding for continuation of the pathway system
I-55 Pedestrian Bridge Research options for pedestrian bridge over I-55


Economic Development:
EDC Promotions Encourage economic development commission to promote the village
I-55 IDOT Sign Identify the promotional opportunity and possible cost for an IDOT sponsored Village of Burr Ridge and/or points of interest sign on I-55
Monitor Economic Development Plan Establish an economic development plan progress review process;
Attract Revenue Businesses Identify and attract revenue generating businesses; Consider boutique restaurants, boutique shops, tech firms, healthcare centers
Full Commercial Occupancy Work toward full occupancy of retail and commercial property
Assess TCF Property Determine best course of action for TCF Bank property


Village Finances:
Become Debt Free Move toward becoming debt free with a plan to retire the police station debt.
Identify Cost Savings Identify village costs savings opportunities
Maintain Expenses Maintain comparable expenses for next 2 years while continuing to provide equivalent or greater village service levels.
Diversify Village Revenues Increase and diversify village revenues including: Evaluate other community’s revenue generating approaches; and Research and pursue businesses that are appropriate for Burr Ridge industrial/business parks and may be sources of revenue such as sales taxes.
Improve Property Values Study methods for improving property values and determine appropriate course of action
Communication Strategies Refine the villages communication strategy/approach with residences and business owners -Consider 311 and social media expansion
On-Boarding Develop a formal process for On-Boarding trustees and commissioners
Intergovernmental Cooperation Through staff and board of trustees, engage other surrounding government bodies in areas of mutual benefit and cooperation and potential shared service opportunities
Evaluate Housing Evaluate the need for additional empty nester/early nester housing; Consider the image/brand of the community; and Determine if there is potential builder interest
Stormwater Facilities Maintain stormwater retention and detention areas within the village and create a plan for proper future funding of these areas
Village Services:
Department Reviews Conduct departmental reviews to evaluate capabilities of departments to deliver needed services consistently -Begin with public works
Performance Metrics Develop a set of performance metrics for village services and a process to assess service outcomes
Video Surveillance Continue to expand the video security program including public areas
Service Needs Study resident and business service needs