West Nile Virus Alert for Burr Ridge – 2017

The Village of Burr Ridge was notified by the DuPage County Health Department that one of their traps located at 15 W. 400 Harvester Drive, Burr Ridge, tested positive for West Nile Virus in 2017.  All citizens were urged to take precautions to prevent exposure to WNV. The DuPage County Health Department operates a countywide WNV surveillance program, and positive reports from mosquitoes trapped in the county were in line with similar reports of WNV activity elsewhere in northeastern Illinois.

For protection against mosquitos, it is recommended that individuals spray themselves with insect repellant containing Deet when outdoors; wear long sleeves and pants when possible; stay indoors at dusk and at dawn when mosquitoes are most active; and drain containers such as tires or flower pots which may collect and hold water where mosquitoes can breed. Nuisance mosquitos – the most aggressive biters – are the most prevalent type of mosquitos in our area.


More information and tips to control mosquitoes can be found on the DuPage County Health Department Website and the Village of Burr Ridge Website:

For an explanation of the West Nile Virus exposure levels, personal protection information, and treatment, click here.