Building Permits

The Village of Burr Ridge requires building permits for construction at residential, commercial, and industrial properties, including work occurring in the right-of-way. Detailed information about building permits and the permitting process is below. If you have additional questions, please email This email is checked throughout the day by several staff members. You may also call (630) 654-8181 x. 6170.  

NOTE: The Village implemented a new building permit fee schedule starting May 1, 2024. Your permit application may reflect an outdated fee. 

Applying for Permits

How do I apply for a permit?
Submit completed permit applications and required documentation to the Building Department at the Village of Burr Ridge located at 7660 County Line Rd, Burr Ridge, IL  60527. Permit applications are available for download here. Online or email submission of permit applications is not available at this time.
Residential Permit Applications - Click to Expand and Download
Commercial or Industrial Permit Applications  - Click to Expand and Download
Right-of-Way Permit Applications - Click to Expand and Download
Do contractors need to be registered?
No, contractor registration is not required. However, we ask that electricians and plumbers provide a copy of their Illinois State licenses for the permit file.
Do I need a permit for...?
A permit is not required for: 
  • Finish work including painting, hardwood refinishing, tile replacement, and carpeting
  • Replacement of windows, doors, or roofing, provided there is no enlargement or structural changes
A permit is required for: 
  • construction of a new building or structure
  • addition to a building or structure including pergolas or sunrooms
  • garages
  • sheds, including pre-fabricated sheds
  • gazebos
  • decks and deck replacement 
  • patios and patio replacement
  • retaining walls
  • outdoor kitchens and fireplaces 
  • pools and spas
  • driveway replacements and extensions
  • fences and fence replacement or repairs 
  • work that impacts foundations
  • relocation, removal, or addition of interior or exterior walls
  • plumbing and electrical alterations or additions
  • any changes in the existing grade of a property
  • any work in the public right-of-way/parkway
  • removal of more than four trees on private property
Still unsure? Please give us a call at (630) 654-8181 x. 6170 or email
Doing work without a permit can result in a stop work order and fine of $750. 
Can you provide contractor recommendations?
No, the Village cannot recommend contractors. 

After Permit Submission

What's the status of my permit application?
Please note that initial reviews of building permits will be performed within 15 business days. If it is past 15 business days, please contact us at
How do I know if my permit is ready?
If the permit is not approved, you will receive an email with the permit review comments. If the permit is ready to be issued, you will receive a phone call and an email stating the permit is ready to be picked up at the Village Hall. 
What if I have a technical code question?
For Building Code or architectural plan related technical questions, please call: 
For Zoning Code related technical questions, please call: 
  • Janine Farrell, Community Development Director (630) 654-8181 x.6100
For Engineering related technical questions, please call: 
  • Jim Miedema, Project Engineer (630) 654-8181 x. 6010

After Permit Issuance

What are permitted construction hours?
The Village's permitted construction hours can be downloaded here.
How do I schedule an inspection?
To schedule an inspection for your existing permit, please call (630) 654-8181 x. 3100 or email Please provide the following information: the permit number, address, contact information (phone number and name), the inspection requested, and the date requested. Inspection requests made before 3:00pm will be scheduled for the following business day. 

Building Reports