The Operations Division is responsible for approximately 60 miles of streets including the maintenance of street signs, street lights, storm sewers, street sweeping, and snow removal. It also maintains the three Village owned buildings (Village Hall, Police Department, and Public Works) and oversees the Village Mosquito Abatement program.

John Wernimont
Operations Supervisor
(630) 323-4733, Ext. 6030


If you notice that a street light is out or witness damage to a street light, please call (630) 323-4733 to report its location and the pole number. You can also complete a service request to report the problem. If the pole or fixture has been damaged by an accident that has left wires exposed, there is danger of electrocution and your report is especially important. If the Village Hall is closed please dial 9-1-1 to report the matter. If there is a Village street light near your property (not a light or utility pole), you should contact the Village before beginning any digging in any utility easements where street light cable may be located along the front, side or rear of your property.
Maintenance of streets includes snow plowing, cold patching and street sweeping. If you notice a pot hole or areas of the road that need attention, please call the Public Works Department at (630) 323-4733. You can also complete a service request to report the problem.

Sweeping the streets clears the streets of leaves, mud and debris and helps to prevent debris from being washed into the storm sewers after a heavy rain.

Street sweeping usually begins in March weather dependent. The Operations Division sweeps all streets with curbs and gutters monthly with the exception of March, April, October and November when they are swept twice a month.  Each round of sweeping takes five or six days to complete.  Additional sweepings in some portions of town are required when there has been flooding, construction debris, excessive leaves, etc.   Last year we swept a total of 53 days, 286 hours, 1662 miles, and removed 86 loads of debris.

Residents can help us keep the storm sewers clear by refraining from raking leaves, and blowing grass clippings into the street. They should be bagged and removed by your waste service or used for mulch on your property.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

In excess of 150 preventative maintenance functions are performed annually on the Village's fleet. The Streets/Storm Sewer (Operations) Division is responsible for fleet maintenance, maintaining approximately 61 pieces of equipment which include:

  • 3 cars
  • 6 pick-up trucks
  • 2 pieces of heavy equipment
  • 3 generators
  • 1 street sweeper
  • 1 trailer
  • 1 compressor
  • 1 tractor
  • 10 large dump trucks
  • 2 SUVs
  • 1 bucket truck
  • 30 miscellaneous items (snow plows, spreaders, etc.)

Operating Functions Include:

  • Prepare & develop specifications for fleet & equipment to be bid out for purchase
  • Administer a preventative maintenance program for the Village's fleet & equipment
  • Maintain a fleet, equipment & parts inventory
  • Perform & oversee all fleet & equipment repairs
  • Perform paint & body repairs for the fleet & equipment
  • Maintain one fueling station
  • Perform & maintain fleet & equipment maintenance records
  • Prepare retired vehicles for public auction

Snow Removal

Snow Removal

During the winter snowfall season, the Chicagoland area receives frequent snowfall events, some of which result in prolonged periods of heavy snowfall, sometimes up to 2”/hr.  Following, please find a summary of typical resident questions and responses:

The Village has not plowed my street yet.

During snow removal operations, streets are plowed on a priority basis.  The main roads are plowed first, followed by the secondary streets, followed by the cul-de-sacs.  The purpose of this policy is to allow emergency response vehicles the greatest access to the community.  Also, as DPW crews advance through the priority list, they are directed to continue to maintain the main thoroughfares in a in the best condition so that when motorists get out of their cul-de-sac/subdivision, they can continue on.  It is better for motorists to get stuck on a secondary street trying to get to the main system, then to easily get out of the subdivision and get stuck on an arterial or collector, where the disabled vehicle would be more disruptive to snow removal activities, and the stranded motorist is further from their home.

NOTE:  The following streets are under the jurisdiction of the Cook County or DuPage County Highway Department:

      1. County Line Road
      2. Wolf Road
      3. Plainfield Road
      4. German Church Road
      5. 79th Street east of County Line Road
      6. North Frontage Road east of County Line Road
      7. Madison Street North of I-55
      8. North Frontage Road, West of Elm Street

 My vehicle is stuck. If a medical emergency or unsafe condition exists, contact 911 immediately.  If the motorist is stranded, they should stay with their vehicle.  If an emergency does not exist, please be advised that the DPW does not have the capability to tow/push/plow out the disabled vehicle; a private contractor/towing service should be utilized for this purpose.

Every time I clear my driveway, the DPW comes by and leaves a big windrow (pile of snow). Public Works crews work very hard to minimize plow deposits across resident driveways.  However, despite our best efforts, it is not possible to eliminate snow deposits along the sides of roadways (including across driveway aprons).  This issue is especially difficult to minimize when plowing cul-de-sacs; at the bulb of cul-de-sacs, there is often very little parkway space to place snow.  We understand residents’ frustration at finding a windrow of snow across a newly shoveled driveway.  Please understand that our plow operators take as much time and effort as can be warranted to minimize this effect.  The DPW cannot come back and remove the windrow. 

A snowdrift has blocked an otherwise passable street. Contact the DPW with a description of the location.  Notify the resident that the DPW will address the issue as soon as possible.

I cannot get to work.  It is very important that I get to work.  Can the DPW plow a path for me? If a medical emergency or unsafe condition exists, contact 911 immediately and we will assist the emergency response with plow assistance.  If otherwise, please be advised that the DPW is not able to plow/escort residents to their workplace.

My mailbox was damaged. Please contact Village Hall and the DPW will place a temporary mailbox as soon as time permits and will repair the old mailbox or provide a $75 reimbursement.    NOTE:  Mailbox damage on Wolf Road, Plainfield Road, Madison (north of Joliet, German Church Road, and CLR is the responsibility of the County.

My mailbox is buried. Due to the amount of occasionally received, mailboxes may be obstructed, especially in cul-de-sacs.  The DPW does the best we can to avoid this, but we are limited by equipment and manpower.  The resident is responsible to clear around their mailbox if they feel it is obscured.

A fire hydrant is buried. Please contact Village Hall to identify the location.  The DPW will dig out the fire hydrant as soon as time permits.


Plowing Priorities

The first streets plowed are the main thoroughfares, followed by secondary streets, then cul-de-sacs. During multi-day snowfall events, it may be several days before the snow is removed from cul-de-sacs; Public Works crews will be focusing efforts on keeping main thoroughfares safe.

Resident Responsibilities

  • Shoveling snow from driveways onto the street is illegal and can result in roadway icing and disruption to the Village snow removal efforts.
  • Residents and plowing contractors must avoid shoveling and/or blowing snow into the roadway.
  • Private plow operators who are observed pushing snow into the roadway can be towed or ticketed.
  • Parking on Village streets is prohibited during snowfall events of 2” or greater. Cars parked on the street during these events will be ticketed or towed.
  • When a plow is approaching, please stay back from the roadway, and especially keep children away from the roadway as the plow approaches.

Driveway Windrows

Public Works crews work very hard to minimize plow deposits across resident driveways. However, despite our best efforts, it is not possible to completely eliminate snow deposits along the sides of roadways and across driveway aprons. This issue is especially difficult to minimize when plowing cul-de-sacs since there is often very little parkway space to place snow. We understand residents’ frustration at finding a windrow of snow across a newly shoveled driveway. Our plow operators take as much time and effort as possible to minimize this effect.

Mailbox Damage from Snowplows

Is your mailbox ready to stand up to the rigors of winter or is it loose, damaged or in need of repair? Please ensure that it is secure and in good repair. During snowfall events, it is not uncommon for mailboxes to be damaged by the force of snow as it comes off the snow plow blade. The Village is responsible for damage due to direct plow contact with a mailbox, but not liable for mailboxes which are damaged by the force of snow. To report damage to your mailbox, call the Village Hall or submit a Service Request.

Sod Restoration

Sod Restoration
Sod restoration begins in the spring and continues through the fall. Any right-of-way that was damaged from street repairs or snow plow damage will be repaired after proper settlement takes place and weather permits.

If you would like to report damage and a request for sod restoration, please complete a Service Request online or by calling the Village Hall during normal business hours.