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Section 28.06 of the Burr Ridge Municipal Code has been updated to include requirements for the drainage of pools to ensure that this process is not a nuisance for pool neighbors. For complete information, click here.


WATER CUSTOMER PORTAL NOW AVAILABLE: Access your water account online.  The new water customer portal is now available.  Residents and businesses can access their accounts, view account balances, history, water consumption, and pay online. Click E-Services and select AccessMyGov to enter the water customer portal or click the link below. Your secure PIN is located on the front of your water bill under your account number.

Still need to talk to someone about your water bill? Call the new dedicated line for Utility Billing Services: 630-850-4130. This number does not go through the switchboard. If you wish to still call through the switchboard, you may do so by dialing "0" to be transferred to the receptionist, who will then transfer you to extension 4130.


CONSUMER CONFIDENCE REPORT - WATER - Click here to view a copy of the 2014 Consumer Confidence Report for the Village's water supply.

water meter

VILLAGE WATER METERS TO BE UPGRADED - The Village of Burr Ridge has recently begun efforts to upgrade all residential water meters in the system. Consumers with Badger water meters will have them replaced with the more accurate and reliable water meters at no cost to them. Residents whose water meters need replacing will be contacted by Public Works to arrange a time that this can be done. For more information on the water meter upgrades, click here. In some cases, there may be a difference between your inside water meter readings and the outside reading. This is called a "discrepancy". For a full explanation of why this occurs, and what it means, click here.


BURR RIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT ISSUES SOLICITOR PERMITS - the Burr Ridge Police department will be continuing to issue Solicitor Permit ID cards along with the permits. Anyone wishing to solicit residents or businesses in the Village must first apply for a permit throught the Village Police Department. Permits are available online, just click "I Want to..." from the menu at left, then "Forms", and "Solicitors Permit and Village Ordinance". You may fill this out at home and bring it to the Police Department for a permit. Applicants must then pass rigorous background testing, including possible criminal history checks. All permits issued have been approved by the Chief of Police. Solicitors are NOT permitted to visit your home if you have a "No Solicitors" or "No Trespassing" sign posted on your property. "No Solicitors" stickers are available for purchase at the Village Hall or Police Department for $3.00.

Solicitor's Permit

NOTE: THE VILLAGE/POLICE DEPARTMENT DOES NOT SOLICIT DONATIONS FOR THE POLICE ASSOCIATION - The Burr Ridge Police Department does not solicit in person or over the phone. Solicitors may falsely identify themselves as employees of the Burr Ridge Police Department or the "Burr Ridge Police Association." Please do not hesitate to call the Burr Ridge Police Department to verify any information. If you desire to make a donation, please contact the organization directly. If you wish to donate to the Village of Burr Ridge, or a specific department, please contact the Village Hall or our website for more information. The Village has a 501(c) (3) donation program to accept donations.

VILLAGE ESTABLISHES DONATION PROGRAM - The Village of Burr Ridge Burr Ridge has created a donation program and “Wish List” that identifies specific areas of need.  Click here to learn more about giving to the Village of Burr Ridge. 





The final "Concert on the Green" for this season will be held on Friday, August 29th. Tribute band "The Chicago Experience" - formerly known as "25 or 6 to 4" will play from 7:30 pm - until 9:00 pm. This concert is sponsored by Tuthill Industries. Concert performances are subject to the weather, however, we make every attempt to hold the concerts every Friday night! Cancellations will be listed on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the website where possible.

Please note: While you may set up your blankets, chairs, etc. on the Village Green a bit before the concert, please be advised that the neither the Village of Burr Ridge, the Village Center, nor the underwriters/sponsors of this concert are liable for any theft or damage to your personal property. For a full schedule of the concerts this summer, click here. Don't forget about the Concert Night Carryout Specials, offered by many of our local restaurants. Click here for a full menu and ordering instructions!!


REGISTERED TO VOTE? The Illinois State Board of Elections' online voter registration application can be found at: https://ova.elections.il.gov/. You may also register to vote at the Village Hall during the hours of 8:00 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday!

THE COUNTY LINE ROAD BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION PROCESS CONTINUES..... Lanes on either side of the bridge will be closed and subject to change as they progress. Please slow down through these areas, especially when merging traffic from I-55 is present. Give your fellow drivers a little leeway during this project. Be safe!!

Rendering of Burr Ridge Bridge at completion:




The Burr Ridge Police Department is now taking applications for the 17th Annual Citizens Police Academy. The class will run from September 4th through November 6th. Class hours will be from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m., every Thursday evening. For more information, contact Officer Angie Wilhelmi at 630-323-8181, ext. 5160 or email: Awilhelmi@burr-ridge.gov. You may also click here to fill out a registration form and mail it in.




Don't miss this fun family adventure back through time! Join in on the fun at Columbia Woods! There will be food and entertainment with periodic themes all weekend, sure to be lots of fun! For more information, go to: www.aRiverThruHistory.com.